SARGE: Rules for Solo Wargaming

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SARGE is a relatively simple system that gives relatively complex results for a solo gaming opponent.  SARGE borrows a concept from computer gaming -- calculating a “weight” for the various objectives that the AI is trying to achieve – so that he moves purposefully toward objectives while still retaining enough randomness to the moves that the system can still surprise you.  And the weight calculation is a simple addition solution  so my brain doesn't hurt!

SARGE is the out-growth of my work on my solo "Ode to X-com" game Invasion: UFO.  While creating that game, I was encouraged by the Delta Vector game design Google group (particularly by TheEvilMonkeigh himself) to generalize the rules to fit any wargame that has hidden units that need to move intelligently.  Thus, SARGE was born.

Link to the most current rules.

And here's an early version of the rules -- ignore the rules in favor of the pdf above, but scroll down and take a look at the example to see what I'm trying to accomplish.

Phase 2 of the project is in active development and will feature a way to make your AI Commanders Aggressive, Cautious or in-between.  <* UPDATE: Now included as of 3/25/2018! *>

SARGE is a back-ronym for Solo ARtificial Gaming Entity. :-)

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