Monday, February 20, 2012

The Christmas War: Scenario One - Breakthrough

Mr. Spork raised an eyebrow.  "Your ancestors did, of course, build them in accordance with the Three Laws of Robotics?"

"The what?" replied Balsa Guitar.

Mr. Spork turned away and flipped open his communicator.  "Spork to Apathy.  Spork to
Apathy.  Tell Captain Quirk that we may have a problem --"

The brains of the citizens of Capricious were having a rough day.  And the reason that the brains were having a rough day was this -- they were trying to believe two impossible -- or at least highly improbable -- things at once.

One, that the 13th Colony had returned (Oh, they called themselves the United Confederation of Planets and said they were from "Colony 13" but clearly they were the 13th Colony returned).

And two -- that the Cylons had returned.  Violently. 

By necessity this second revelation became the most pressing issue on the minds of the brains (so to speak) of the citizens of Capricous as the Cylon forces marched inexorably toward Capricious City.

Elements of the 3rd Caprician Militia were rushed into a blocking position to try and slow down the Cylon attackers.  Heavy equipment was pushed into place as hasty defensive positions.  And nearby a small group of oddly dressed humans watched as silent observers -- one in gold, two in blue and red shirts.

Cylons will be run as PEFs per the 5150: Attack scenario.   See Appendix for Cylon rules.
3rd Planetary Milita are PDF. 

Confederation forces are merely observers for this fight and will remain in cover.  They are never "active".  If an In-Sight test is triggered they will retire.   Each turn, roll 2 dice for the Confederation group and keep a running total.  If the total reaches 35 before the end of the game the Confederation observers are convinced that the Capricians need their help to repel the Cylon menace.

Red shirt rule: If a Gold or Blue shirt goes OOF/OD within 4", then the Red Shirt is OOF/OD instead.  Man Down tests are taken as normal.

Cylons for 5150: Star Army
Use Bugs reaction except substitute Fire for Charge.
Exo armor but use BTA penetration table.

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