Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colonial Adventures - Platoon Forward stats

Here are the actual Platoon Forward stats to compare with how I worked them into Collingsworth's letter home.

Position Name Personality Motivation Skill Background
Platoon Leader Lt. Richard Collingsworth Idealistic Wealth Rep 4 Military Family
Platoon Sgt Color Sgt Smythe Obnoxious (-1) Hedonism Rep 3 Up from ranks
1st Squad Sgt. “Pip” Torrens Pleasant (+1) Gluttony Rep 3 Average
2nd Squad Sgt. Andersion Addict Engineering Rep 3 Up from Ranks
3rd Squad Sgt Barclay Aggressive Avarice Rep 3 Average
Company Cmdr. (NPC) Brown Pleasant (+1) Avarice Rep 3 Average

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