Sunday, April 27, 2014

I wanted to post a picture of me in my respirator preparing to go air-brushing, but it was just too creepy. So here instead is a picture of the fleet post-airbrushing and ready for weathering. I'll be using these for 5150: Fighter Command from Two Hour Wargames. (I'm play-testing the upcoming scenario pack).

I bought this air-brush 10 years ago just before a major life event made me carefully pack everything up. It felt really good to finally really have a chance to learn how to use it.

Oh! Also, these ships are mounted on my prototype ship stands from I'm VERY pleased with how these turned out and they were a godsend to do the airbrushing. I made a few minor changes, resized them for large and small ships and placed my order for 50. Assuming the mass print goes well, these will be for sale by the end of the month.


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