Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fantasy Terrain: Floating Castle

As I said in my previous post, Alien Dungeon's Fantacide setting has inspired me to start up a couple of fantasy terrain projects.  Of course, being me, I've started several and haven't finished any.  But I'm getting there - I'm working on one while another drys.  So here's the second big project: the floating castle.  This one was inspired by a battle report -- whose link escapes me now -- which featured a floating island (apparently theirs is made of acrylic).

My own is wood, foam, plastic egg, cardboard tube, florist wire and a fruit cup.  But I'm liking how it is coming along.  So is Apollo:

 And a side view.  Since mine isn't a nice acrylic bracket, I decided to go with a tripod design.  The two waterfalls (hardboard covered in paintable acrylic latex gap filler) support the rear and the front is a giant vine (beanstalk, if you will) made of twisted floral wire.  The whole thing is quite sturdy and I'm pleased with how it is progressing.

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