Saturday, August 21, 2021

A call to arms for SARGE

 So over on Delta Vector, EvilMonkeigh has written a great critique of SARGE and a gently worded prod (one might say "demand") that the author (me) not let this idea languish.  Since the Kickstarter is in a down period before fulfillment begins, I'm game to give it a go.

I think all it really needs is more examples and diagrams.  That's easily said but I'll need to come up with a method of doing those diagrams more quickly.  I was using a battle report software that seemed easy but I had trouble getting it to do exactly what I needed it to.  I do have Affinity Designer so this would be a good time to break it out and really learn it.  What I need isn't that complex so a few green circles for trees and brown squares for houses would be fine.

There's nothing like someone praising your work to give you new incentive to finish said work!

Here's the article -- it's a really clear explanation of what I presented, so I guess I was able to describe it at least well enough for someone else to take it and summarize it!

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  1. I prefer a "gently suggestion this is too good an idea to let languish" ;-)

    Seriously, it's an area not well explored. I mean, there's 101 sci fi or fantasy rules on wargamesvault, but not many that allow you to play solo.