Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colony 13: First denizens on order

The first order for Colony 13 has been placed.  In the meantime I'm finishing up a 6mm scale Tyranid armyat a rapid clip in order to clear the decks for 15mm production.  And in doing so, I discovered a couple of bonuses:
1. I DO have some 15mm Sci Fi!  Years ago I played in one of Stuart Murray's notorious 15mm Aliens games at GZG ECC.  IIRC, I played the corporation representative who managed to make his way down to the queen's nest and steal some eggs before the Marines arrived to flame the entire colony.  Or something like that.  I do remember that we had some  power armor suits which in true Murray fashion were "highly experimental".
At any rate, I was digging through boxes and came upon a set of (Freikorps?) armed civilian colonists -- complete with facehugger and Not-Newt grasping Not-Ripley's hand.  Very cool.  And so the first  colonists have arrived!   Now they just need basing (I need washers!) and a colony to inhabit!
2. 6mm Tyranids -- some of the mid-size and larger models make VERY good bug aliens.   I can't remember what some of these are called but the lictors for instance seem perfect for 15. 

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