Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Colony 13: The Idea

Colony 13: The idea

I'm embarking on a new  "role-playing" adventure.   I've decided to dive into 15mm Science Fiction gaming in a very controlled way.  By controlled, I mean I don't want to end up with a bunch of unpainted miniatures and I actually want to use them in a game.  Also, there is a central theme for the game.
Luckily there is are rulesets which encourages solo play and role-playing : Two Hour Wargames "5150" and AmbushAlley's "Tomorrow War" (to be published).    I expect house rules to follow.
The theme is simple:  Colony 13 is located at the exact point in space-time where every science fiction story ever conceived by man or dolphin intersects.   Imperial Stormtroopers versus Giger's Aliens?  You got it.  Plus BSG Centurions, Daleks, District 9 "Crusties".  They're all there.  Trapped in a pocket universe that they can't escape. :-)
I chose 15mm so that I can play easily on my cramped kitchen table --- most battles will be on a 3'x3' board.  The idea is "game in a box" -- I want to be able to grab the box, set up and play through a game and put it away so that the cats don't eat it -- all in an evening.
The cool thing about choosing 15mm is that I have ZERO supplies for it.  So the colony will grow as I acquire terrain, buildings, etc.  And I hope to document as much as possible in a webcomic kind of way.   Oh!  And I've set a $25 monthly budget limit on acquisitions  although I will have to be slightly flexible in this to save on shipping costs.  So I've decided to combine July and August to kick things off.  (So that I can get two sides to fight!)
One other goal is to spend as much time on the terrain as I do on the miniatures.  It's a doll house with Aliens.  :-)
It's a grand experiment.  And the first miniature will be on the way in a week or two (the company I ordered from   is waiting on a restock, which suits my timeline just fine).
PS - Oops!  I just realized I do have some 15mm stuff -- for AK47 Republic, battles in Africa.  I might be able to use those once terraforming of the colony has started. :-)

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